BRAZIL4LIFE IS A 501(c)3 not for profit organization. 100% of your contribution will be used directly for the Crisis Pregnancy Center’s ministry.

or transfer your donation to:

(phone number for quick pay 847 863 2003)

or mail your check to:

Brazil4life Intl.

149 E. Old Bridge Rd, Palatine – IL 60067

Through your financial support, we can spiritually and physically transform lives! Your donations allow us to provide educational services, abstinence teaching in schools and youth groups, counseling, training and resources to children and women.

Thank you for making a donation to help save lives and for empowering women to chose life for their babies

Your donation will enable Brazil4life to:

Plant and support new Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Brazil

Have and maintain an 800 number that will enable women in poor areas to call us and talk to a volunteer

Be “the choice” for women facing an unwanted pregnancy

Invest in abstinence programs aimed to provide long-term prevention, support, and resources for young men and women in remote areas of Brazil

Partner with the local church to give continuous assistance to the women who chose life for their babies

On behalf of all the babies lives your contribution will touch, THANK YOU

We are saving lives in:
  • Brazil 4 Life - Belo Horizonte Office
  • Belo Horizonte - MG
  • Ibirité - MG
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ
  • Guaranhuns - PE
  • João Pessoa - PE
  • Goiânia - GO
  • Bragança Paulista - SP
  • Guarulhos - SP
  • Brasília - DF
  • Recife - PE
  • Vitoria - ES
  • Londrina - PR
  • Manaus - AM
  • Cuiabá - MT
  • Caratinga - MG
  • Salvador - BA
  • Jardinópolis - SP
  • Londrina - PR
  • Belo Vale - MG
  • Moeda - MG
  • Belém - PA
  • Peçanha - MG
  • Governador Valadares - MG
  • Sarasota - Flórida
  • Franca - SP
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    You can be a part of saving unborn lives and educating women. When you donate to Brazil 4 Life, your money helps spiritually rescue women facing unwanted pregnancy. Your donation will help individuals in Brazil discover the Gospel of Jesus and the harsh realities of abortion.