Brazil4life’s main goal is to help women facing an unwanted pregnancy chose life for their babies and come to the knowledge of Christ. Our mission is to educate the youth on how to live a life of purity that will allow them to reach their goals and keep them from facing an unwanted pregnancy, STDs and all the consequences of life’s bad choices.

Each year, over 46 million unborn children are killed through abortion. This is a global epidemic, occurring in countries around the world. At Brazil 4 Life, we are dedicated to making a difference in this epidemic and hope to give unborn children a voice.

Brazil 4 Life strives to establish pregnancy resource centers in regions highly affected by abortion. These pregnancy resource centers provide young girls and women with education and resources about abstinence. In addition to abstinence education, we also offer free pregnancy testing, pregnancy support, pregnancy resources and even post-abortion counseling.

Services Provided for FREE Include;
Pregnancy Tests
Psychologists and Counselors
Medical Referrals
Craft Training
Baby and Maternity Clothing
Food, baby formula
Chance for a Better Life!

Education and Training Classes Brazil 4 Life offers a series of Christian based educational training classes. These classes are aimed at teaching young girls the benefits of abstinence. Classes are conducted by professionals in the areas of counseling and abstinence training. Counselors travel to wherever there is a need for training. Besides giving free training and preparing volunteers, we also speak to schools and youth groups to bring awareness of the consequences of unplanned pregnancies emphasizing the benefits of remaining abstinent until marriage. 

Professional Staff At Brazil 4 Life, all of our staff are passionate about meeting the needs of young girls and women from all walks of life. They provide extreme compassion and unconditional free services for all those in need.

Compassion Women experience so much in life, the last thing they need is to be judged! The staff at Brazil 4 Life is committed to providing services and education in a thoughtful, compassionate and kind manner. These are not attributes that can be trained, but simply gifts that our staff and volunteers genuinely possess. 

An Option for Women Each day, girls and women are giving up on their hopes and dreams simply because they do not have any other options. Using the available resources, Brazil 4 Life staff and volunteers provide these girls and women with another way of life. 

God has provided this escape route for girls and women facing a pregnancy crisis. Our alternatives can help women avoid the lifelong guilt and shame that accompany having an abortion. Brazil 4 Life truly cares about the women we minister to and their future lives.

Isolation Many women going through a pregnancy crisis will experience extreme isolation, guilt, and feelings of loneliness. Brazil 4 Life works in partnership with churches to give the women facing an unwanted pregnancy the support and resources they need.

Current Locations Brazil 4 Life, in partnership with local Christian churches has currently opened individually operated Crisis Pregnancy Centers in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, João Pessoa, Recife, Ibirité, Venda Nova, Salvador, Angra dos Reis and Rio de Janeiro. God willing, Brazil4life in partnership with local churches has plans to open Crisis Pregnancy Centers all over Brazil. There are many cities in Brazil that never heard about the concept of a Crisis Pregnancy Center where a woman can go to find a safe alternative to abortion. Churches all over Brazil are contacting our office requesting training and instructions on how to start a Crisis Pregnancy Center. 


  Brazil has the 17th highest abortion rate in the world (the United States is 36th).

  On average, 10,000 women will die each year due to complications caused by abortion

  One out of five women in Brazil between the ages of 19 and 40 has had an abortion.

  In Brazil, abortion is illegal. Allowed only in cases of rape or those where the mother’s life is in danger.

  On average, 74 women are hospitalized each day due to infections from an abortion procedure.

  Every 15 minutes a mobile abortion clinic performs a D&C form of abortion. This method involves dilating the cervix and removing the unborn child.