A word from the founder
When I was twelve years old my mom told me her abortion story. You can read it in “Ana’s Journey, A Brazilian Mother’s Story of Kidnap, Forced Marriage and Her Botched Abortion” available on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/oujkurr. Although I was only twelve, her experience began to move upon my heart years later. After I finished college in my hometown of São Paulo, Brazil,  I met my husband. We got married and moved to Chicago, his home city. The very day I moved to Chicago, I heard a “March for Life” promotion on the radio. I got involved with the local pro-life movement. I volunteered at one of Chicago’s pregnancy centers and that experience resulted in my decision to open Crisis Pregnancy Centers all over Brazil.
“Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die.” – Prov. 31:8
Yours in Christ,
Ina Braniff
Brazil4life founder