Abortion is the most recommended and performed “recipe” of the century in recent times,
for an unwanted pregnancy.

When a person has physical or mental health problems, they turn to a doctor
specialist to treat it. The doctor should analyze the patient and then indicate
appropriate treatment, and will probably prescribe a prescription with drugs that fight the
problem that has been detected, be it a cold, an allergy, gastritis or headache, or the
Any medication, indicated under medical prescription, to treat whatever the
health problem, comes with a leaflet. What is a drug leaflet? The prospectus is a document
that serves to obtain information and guidance on the necessary medications
for safe use and effective treatment. It can be of two types: patient information leaflet (which is
of the patient, with more accessible and direct terms) and prospectus for the professional
health (which is intended for the professional, with more technical terms and more
complex). The patient, by reading the leaflet intended for him, will understand what the medicine is indicated for, how it works and the evils it can cause, etc.
This world we live in is exactly like this, there is always a recipe that was prescribed by
someone who feels competent to say what other people should do in life and the choices they make
must take. There are several narratives created, which we can call recipes, for any
situation that people face. For example, in marriage a narrative was created that
divorce is the solution to all problems. Another example
classic is that the man, to prove that he is a real man, must have had many
women and quickly solve his “problem” with virginity. It shows that
values ​​that are cultural are forms of rules about how to act, think and live. There is a recipe for everything!
Many people can say that they are “infallible” as if it were a cake recipe,
or even, as mentioned above, a prescription.
In the case of abortion, they want to impose a false narrative and use it in response to an unwanted pregnancy. That is, abortion has become,
sadly, the best way to resolve an unplanned pregnancy. It is being broadcast as a natural and optional practice for women uninformed about its consequences.
Is being defended and
strongly motivated through collectivist movements, movies, news, creating a
weight chain defending the world’s worst solution for an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion, according to data from the
worldometers.info, managed by an international team of developers,
Researchers and volunteers say that more than 12 million abortions have been performed, meaning babies were killed in their mother’s womb. Unfortunately, the practice of abortion is in fact a
recipe used by many women.
The feminist movement contributed strongly to make it the best recipe for
women. According to second wave feminist Margareth Sanger, women should
first get rid of biological slavery, and the best way would be through the control of
birth, discouraging the fertilization of what she calls “mentally disabled
and physical. ”Sanger was an abortion activist and opened the first abortion clinic in the US.
located in brooklin. Margareth Sanger has undoubtedly influenced the minds of many
women who continue to influence other women. All the women who accepted the
abortion as a solution to an unwanted pregnancy, and she imagined it as the best medicine ever
prescribed in a prescription, obviously they did not read the leaflet, they did not read about physical and mental illnesses

that abortion can have in their lives, what kind of consequences this procedure causes.
The physical complications of an abortion will never be mentioned by people who
encourage the murder of babies are: bleeding caused by perforation of the uterus, danger of
injury to the intestine, bladder or fallopian tubes, infertility, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, death, affected pregnancies, increased risk of prematurity, ectopic pregnancy,
spontaneous abortion and low birth weight of the baby. These are just physical complications and
What would be the emotional complications? The fall of self-esteem due to the destruction of one’s own life
child, frigidity (loss of sexual desire); dislike of partner, guilt or frustration of
her maternal instinct, nervous disorders, insomnia, various neuroses, psychosomatic illnesses,
It is important to seek information with several people on this topic,
seek help and support. The work of the Providas is precisely to embrace and accept women.
regardless of her choice, but mainly to show her that abortion is not the best
recipe, there is a false narrative behind this cult