“I was invited by Ina Sobolewski to go along with her to Brazil in 2006. Having met at a fundraising event through the organization that I worked for and Ina volunteered for as well. I did not know at the time what an amazing vision God had placed on her heart for Brazil and how He was already beginning to work it out in so many unexpected and wonderful ways.
During that initial conversation with Ina, I explained to her the work of my job, how I would visit schools and talk about abstinence: saving sex for marriage, the value of real love, the power of choices, starting over and how to have healthy relationships. At the end of our very brief conversation, Ina invited me to come along “some time” with her to Brazil saying the ministry she had began could use training in this area and would love for “someone” from the organization to come share. I gave her my card and we parted ways. Little did I know I would be on a flight with her only 8 months later to take part in one of the biggest blessings of my life.
Since my first trip, I have been able to return as each center had been established and my heart has grown so much for Brazil4life. I have seen the very real need in Brazil for the ministry Brazil4life offers. The help and support a young woman needs when faced with an unplanned pregnancy is, many times, bigger than they can handle alone and abortion seems to often times be the only option. With Brazil4life she doesn’t have to be alone and what may have started out for some as a burden can end in a tiny bundle of blessing. Oh, how many beautiful stories I’ve heard.
My personal hope and goal as I have visited Brazil4life have been to train those who have a similar heart as mine, how to teach and/or talk about abstinence in their communities, schools, and churches. I have had the blessing of training numerous groups now through Brazil4life and at every training, it never ceases to surprise me how new and very much needed the information is to those being taught. Many people who have come merely for training purposes have been quickly blown away by the truth and power of the information they learn; finding freedom from their own pasts, reminded of God’s forgiveness. Choosing to start over and being given practical help and real knowledge as to how to maintain a life of abstinence. I have heard many stories of those I’ve trained going out and teaching as well. This blesses my heart! In America, teaching abstinence in the public school setting is increasingly difficult, but in Brazil the freedom and opportunities are abundant. Young people need this teaching. In our media-saturated culture, our youth never hear how valuable they are. They are never told they can wait, but they can wait and they are worth waiting for!!
Promoting abstinence in our communities is yet one more way we hope to decrease the number of lives harmed by abortion. God has opened many doors for me along with Ina and others to talk about Brazil4life and the work they are doing through such venues as TV, radio, and Newspaper in Brazil. We have been able to speak in many schools, churches, and youth groups so far in Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi and hopefully in many cities to come.
God bless Brazil 4life- all its workers and volunteers! The women they serve and the lives they save.”

Katie Thompson

“Brazil4life International is a great project to be involved in. They are truly focused on providing a safe, warm place where women or teen girls can come when they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. In my experience with Brazil4life International, I assisted with the counselor training of prospective volunteers. The people who participated were kind, loving, passionate and eager to learn all they could to be the best volunteers they could be for the organization. It was a blessing to be surrounded by so many wonderful people who were supportive of the mission of Brazil4life International. I left knowing that if a woman or young girl came in the center faced with an unplanned pregnancy, that she would be in good hands at Brazil4life Int.!”
  — Juanita Jamison


“I had the pleasure of traveling to Brazil this year and I must say it was a wonderful and rewarding experience. In traveling to Brazil I was able to sit in on Brazil 4life’s training classes and was able to see firsthand the labor of love BRAZIL 4LIFE puts into training their staff and volunteers. The professionally trained staff is passionate about meeting the needs of the young girls and women. I was really impressed with how the staff handled so many women from different walks of life, the compassion and unconditional treatment BRAZIL 4LIFE’s staff displayed was remarkable.

As women, we experience so much in life the last thing we want is to be is judged! Compassion, thoughtfulness, love and kindness are not trained attributes but a quality that BRAZIL 4LIFE’s staff & volunteers genuinely have. BRAZIL 4LIFE is a Way Out for many women. Young girls and women are dying every day and giving up on their hopes and dreams because they feel they don’t have options. The training that BRAZIL 4LIFE’s staff and volunteers receive is very intense, and thoroughly. What separates BRAZIL 4LIFE from other crisis centers is the well-written manuals and the real testimonies of women who have faced a crisis pregnancy.

God has made a way of escape for women facing crisis pregnancies and the guilt and shame that comes with having an abortion. BRAZIL4LIFE, in my opinion, is one of the few women crisis agencies that truly cares about the women in crisis overseas, they minister to the whole woman. One of the weapons the enemy uses is isolation, guilt, and loneliness. BRAZIL 4LIFE works with the woman through the entire process, no other agency does this.”
  — Frances Jackson