BRAZIL4LIFE IS A 501(c)3 not for profit organization. 100% of your contribution will be used directly for the Crisis Pregnancy Center’s ministry.

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Checks can be mailed to:
149 E. Old bridge Palatine Palatine-IL 60067

Point your cell phone camera at the qr code below and make a donation


Through your financial support, we can spiritually and physically transform lives! Your donations allow us to provide educational and counseling services to women affected by Crisis, feed new moms and children, pay for pre-natal care to underserved mothers, offer psychological resources to women who have been raped, abandoned, trafficked, and marginalized, and speak to the youth in schools about ways to protect themselves from the gangs and other destructive pathways.

Thank you for making a donation to help save lives and empower women to reach their full potential.

Your donation will enable Brazil4life to:

Plant and support new Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Brazil, Africa, U.S, and many other countries who have asked for support but our budget doesn’t allow us to go any further. Have a food pantry to help new moms, offer legal service to women seeking pension for their babies, offer psychological help to women affected by abuse and abortion. We also offer vocational classes to women coming out of sex traffic, single moms and so forth.

Invest in youth programs aimed to provide long-term prevention, support, and resources for young men and women in remote areas of Brazil

Partner with the local church and communities to give continuous assistance to the women in crisis

On behalf of all the women and babies whose lives will be forever impacted by your generosity, THANK YOU


We are saving lives in:


  • Brazil 4 Life – Belo Horizonte Office
  • São Gonçalo – RJ
  • Ibirité – MG
  • Rio de Janeiro – RJ
  • Guaranhuns – PE
  • João Pessoa – PE
  • Goiânia – GO
  • Bragança Paulista – SP
  • Guarulhos – SP
  • Maricá – RJ
  • Brasília – DF
  • Recife – PE
  • Vitoria – ES
  • Londrina – PR
  • Manaus – AM
  • Cuiabá-MT
  • Caratinga-MG
  • Belém-PA
  • Angola
  • Peçanha-MG
  • Nova Serrana -MG

You can be a part of saving unborn lives and educating women. When you donate to Brazil 4 Life, your money helps spiritually rescue women facing unwanted pregnancy. Your donation will help individuals in Brazil discover the Gospel of Jesus and the harsh realities of abortion.